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Namaste, Vanakkam, Om Sai Ram, Namashkar


The Umhlanga Hindu Society humbly invites you to once again participate in our annual Diwali Hamper Drive, a Seva/Charity initiative to assist families and children in need during Diwali, the festival of lights. Diwali is a spiritually uplifting and joyous festival and a time to express our goodwill and caring for the less fortunate in our communities.

Your generousity towards our 2016 Diwali Hamper Drive resulted in the distribution of 400 hampers to disadvantaged families and children at Brookdale Primary School, the Ganesh Temple, Abused Women and HIV affected families in the Phoenix area, the Welbedacht Ashram and needy families identified by the Phoenix Child and Family Welfare Organisation. Your generousity was greatly appreciated by the recipients.

This year we aim to distribute about 500 hampers at a value of R300.00 each. We humbly appeal to you to assist us in this benevolent project. Your gift of love and selfless gesture, as always, will be deeply appreciated.

We humbly invite you to make contributions towards this seva project during the auspicious periods of Pithar Paksha and Purattasi.

We will inform you of the dates of packaging and distribution of the hampers so that you may assist in the project should you so desire.

You can make your contributions:

1. By EFT:

Standard Bank

Account Holder:  Umhlanga Hindu Society

Branch:  Umhlanga Ridge

Branch code:  057829

Account No.:  05 687 5576

Ref:  Your name …………….   Diwali Hamper Drive

2.  Payment in cash to the secretary, Shereen Bhanprakash at the temple premises.

We look forward to your positive response.

Yours faithfully in service to the community.

The Executive Committee

Umhlanga Hindu Society



To unify all Hindus by establishing a universal place of worship and to fulfill the religious, cultural, spiritual, charitable and social needs of the community.

The above mission statement encapsulates the primary objective of the Umhlanga Hindu Society (UHS), a non-profit religious, cultural and charitable organisation, formed by members of the Hindu Community, to promote the religious, cultural, spiritual and charitable needs of the community.

Our vision of building a Common Place of Worship and a Spiritual Resource Centre will serve as a unified place of worship where the Hindu religion in all its facets is simplified and propagated to our children, youth and adults in the form of religious principles and values, tolerance, truth, understanding, music, language and spiritual growth.

To foster the spirit of devotion, dedication and worship, and to cultivate and propagate Hindu values.

• To spread the knowledge of ethical, spiritual, religious, and philosophical foundations and practices of Hindu Culture.

• To provide for the recreation of the public at large through meditation, yoga, music, dancing, and other such activities that 

   are related to the Hindu Heritage.

• To promote and afford opportunities for social and multicultural activities.

• To promote, conduct and carry on activities of a religious, cultural, charitable, social and intellectual nature.

• To actively participate in SEVA programmes and involve ourselves in service to humanity.

• To unite all Hindus under one common place of worship.

• To promote all aspects of the Hindu religion, culture and languages.

• To promote the teaching, preservation and exposition of the Hindu religion.

• To promote the observance of Hindu religious occasions and festivals.

• To promote the philosophy, traditions and scriptures of the Hindu religion.

• To aid in the reduction of suffering and to improve quality of life.

• To enhance the vision and direction of our youth.

• To advocate tolerance, respect and understanding between Hindus and various Ethno-cultural groups.

• To establish forums of professional, religious, academic, and entrepreneurial minds to enhance our society.

• To advocate open-mindedness, equality, non-discriminatory, non-racist and non-sexist principles.